‘Last Night I Dreamt Of Hibrihteselle’ by Richard Moult

last night

Composer, painter and poet Richard Moult‘s new solo album Last Night I Dreamt Of Hibrihteselle, a Loegrian dream sequence, can now be purchased from Delphine Dora’s exquisite label Wild Silence. The album comprises of song settings to poems by Mary Webb, Ivor Gurney and Gladys Mary Coles, and includes guest appearances from members of United Bible Studies, as well as artists such as Delphine Dora, Adam Leonard, Amanda Feery and Sophie Cooper.


I am honoured to sing on this album. It has been an immense labour of love for Richard, a friend and true artist, and I believe the finished album to be a triumph.

Download or buy the release via the Wild Silence bandcamp page:


Ghosts From The Basement event

I’m playing at this in the afternoon, hopefully helped out by Gareth Davies (elec. guitar) and Steven Collins (bass).

Saturday 25th September, at Cecil Sharp House, London.

Weekend Beatnik, Rif Mountain & the EFDSS present:

Ghosts from the Basement

A 40th anniversary celebration of Village Thing and the lost songs, dreams and folkadelia of the early 1970s

Concerts • Sessions • Author Slam!

Among the artists who will be appearing: From Village Thing’s basement: Wizz Jones (and Pete Berryman), Steve Tilston, Tucker Zimmerman, Ian A. Anderson, Dave Evans, Ian Hunt, Maggie Holland, Keith Christmas and Keith Warmington.

From up yonder Rif Mountain and beyond: Nancy Wallace, Jason Steel, The Owl Service, The Straw Bear Band, Pamela Wyn Shannon, Adam Leonard, Ellen Mary McGee, The A. Lords with Mark Fry and more special guests t.b.c.

In the literature lounge: Rob Young (Electric Eden), Jeanette Leech (Seasons They Change), Mark Jones (Bristol Folk), Will Hodgkinson (The Ballad Of Britain), Richard Morton Jack (Galactic Ramble) and Colin Irwin (In Search Of Albion) will perhaps illuminate the answer to that troubling philosophical question “what the f*** is psych folk anyway?”

All day ticket £20 (£25 on door)

Evening only ticket £15 (£20 on door)

Doors: 2.00pm, Ends: 11.00pm

Tickets: http://folkshop.efdss.org/Tickets/Ticket%2C+Ghosts+From+the+Basement%2C+Full+Day+25.09.10.html