Octopus Part 9 (2018)

Octopus 9 art


Released 9/9 via bandcamp

1. The Implausible Man (1980 version)
Previously unreleased version, recorded 2010.
Performed, recorded & mixed by Echoes In Rows (Adam Leonard/David Ansara).
Written by Adam Leonard.

2. Dawn Rain / Grissom Aloft
Taken from the album ‘Nature Recordings’ (2012).
Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Adam Leonard.

3. The Elf
Taken from the album ‘The Great British Psychedelic Trip Revisited’ (Active Listener, AL031), 2016.
Performed, recorded and mixed by Adam Leonard. Written by Al Stewart.

4. The Great Roy Harper
Used as the opening music on the official Roy Harper Podcast from 2007-2013
Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Adam Leonard.

5. Beware The Catman! (live)
Previously unreleased version.
Recorded in 2008 whilst opening for Steve Ashley. Recorded by James Hibbins.
Written by Adam Leonard.

6. Petrichor Light
Previously unreleased, from the abandoned Waxen Wasps project  (2012). Mixed by Adam Leonard.
Written & performed by Pat Gubler, Dom Cooper and Adam Leonard.

7. Ship Of Nothing (acoustic demo)
Previously unreleased version.
Written, performed, recorded and mixed by Adam Leonard.

8. Tears In The Rain
Previously unreleased. Written by Lee Mavers.
Recorded live in a garage in Derry on a cassette player, 2018.
Performance sponsored by Yellow Tail Shiraz.

9. On Receiving A Box Of Spring Flowers In London (by Richard Moult)
Taken from the album ‘Last Night I Dreamt Of Hibrihtesel’ by Richard Moult.
Music composed and performed by Richard Moult. Vocals: Amanda Moult & Adam Leonard.

Total running time 34:28

FYI Octopi have 9 brains.

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