I Stepped Forth From The Shadows To The Marketplace


“Nails in the shadows scraping / Mouths in the shadows gaping”


I’m delighted to report that I have another single out with “Chemical beats, broken beat, jazz, downtempo, house, techno, electronica, noise and psych” combo Warriors of the Dystotheque. ‘Things In The Shadows, is released on 27th September via Glasstone Records.

You can listen here: https://jammerzine.com/first-listen-warriors-of-the-dystotheque-ft-adam-leonard-invaderband-things-in-the-shadows-2-remixes/

The track has already been played on BBC Electric Mainline, BBC Across The Line, RTÉ 2fm (Tune of the Day!) & Seattle’s KEXP.

It’ll be on streaming services from Friday. Cheers!


Sod Off!


I’ve finished recording a catchy little number for the 6th Dark Outside. I’m not joking, it’s pretty whistlable. There’s more info on this year’s event here, innit: https://wfculture19.co.uk/events/The-dark-outside

The track, which is about my lawn is called ‘Sod Off!’ and I’ll stick it on Soundcloud or somewhere once it’s been transmitted from Epping Forest on the 2019 Summer Solstice (20th/21st June). Here’s a poster.


The Drifter’s Escape


Gosh it’s been quiet here. Even tumbleweed would have been an exciting distraction. I’ve kind of been pretty full-on with Invaderband this year, but the good news is The Poseidon Adventure re-soundtrack is virtually finished and will be released next year. In advance of that, a track from it entitled ‘Entkommen’ (meaning ‘Escape’) will be broadcast at this years 5th The Dark Outside event (‘A site specific 24 hour FM radio broadcast in a place where you might never hear it’) on 23rd Sept 2017.

The track will also be released in a physical format by the superb Polytechnic Youth label early 2018.

When someone attacks your imagination

Invaderband ‘Attack Of The Pod People’ – 3 track single OUT NOW!

Digital download:
Google Play

Limited Edition CD available via https://adamleonard.bandcamp.com/merch

Official website: http://invaderband.com/
Official Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/invaderbandmusic

After being played by Steve Lamacq a couple of times, the single has been put on the BBC 6 Music Recommends Playlist. Woah!



BBC Radio Foyle appearance 26/02/15

I appeared on BBC Radio Foyle’s Electric Mainline show last week. I played a new song, had a chat with DJ & host Stephen McCauley and he played a track from the final release in the Octopus series, part 8.

Keeps out invaders who come but still can’t control the violent side

Photograph: Lisa Byrne

Photograph: Lisa Byrne

My plan is for 2015 to be the year Invaderband spreads its wings. The following things should become reality this year: Releases, local(ish) Irish gigs as usual but also UK dates (I know, great!), some in my birthplace and spiritual flat-capped home of Manchester. Current plans for UK are early August, but a new website is being developed right now (invaderband.com) so keep your eye on that and you will be able to sign up to a mailing list to stay bang up-to-date, and get one of our super-shiny new recordings for doing so – taken from sessions at the end of 2014. There are lots of plans (videos, festivals, blah & blah) and I am very excited because I believe these new recordings to be the best thing I have ever been involved with musically.

As for the solo stuff, the Octopus project will end in a couple of weeks with Octopus Part 8 released on – gosh you’re clever – the 8th March. I believe I have saved some of the best music until last there as well, with the usual mix of covers (Beatles again this time!), previously unreleased songs/recordings and a great BBC session track of a ‘Nature Recordings’ song, so it kind of brings it up to date with my solo releases too. I only realised recently – this was genuinely an accident – that the 8th song on the 8th release is ‘The Eighth Tower’. There are 8 Invaderband recordings, I have 8 songs written for my new solo album and I live at No. 8 on my street, so that mystical digit is clearly relevant to me in a universal sense. Richard Dawkins would say that it was coincidence & random, but he’s a bit of a bore. The lovely art for Octopus 8 is here, kindly created by my friend and brother-in-song, Chris McConaghy:

Free download for 1 month, then I think I will bundle up all 8 releases into 1 and sell it for £20 or something extremely reasonable indeed for 64 songs. I might even press up some physical copies with extra songs if there is a demand for that, but I don’t want to fall into the double pack with a photograph extra track and a tacky badge trap, which there is a real danger of. Maybe I’ll just make 8 and put them on eBay.

That’s all I can think of for now. MASSIVE thanks to BUYERS of the Octopus releases which are always available for free originally. I know who you are and I’ll hug & kiss you all if we ever meet…

Bye for now!
+A x

Not Dark Yet


A brand new track entitled ‘Pleasure Boat’ will be broadcast at this year’s The Dark. Outside event. From thedarkoutside.com:

 The Dark Outside FM 2014
A 24 hour Radio Broadcast of Unheard Sound

Noon 27th September – Noon 28th September 2014
Galloway Forest Dark Skies Park. Murrays Monument, A712, Dumfries and Galloway

Sound artist, Frenchbloke, curates 24 hours of previously unheard music donated exclusively for this project by musicians and producers from all over the world. The site-specific transmission will be of specially composed work, forgotten recordings and alternate versions of existing work, none of which have been heard in public before. These sound works will be on air for the duration of the broadcast, then deleted. They may never be heard again.

Listen in your car, or on a portable radio. Visit The Dark Outside HQ at the top of Murray’s Monument for a friendly chat, a comfy sofa and a fantastic view, then sit back, relax and hear the transmission at The Dark Star Lounge deep in the Forest.

Sound and Vision


Photograph: Jonny Delaney


Photograph: Jonny Delaney


Photograph: Jonny Delaney


Photograph: Jonny Delaney


Photograph: Jonny Delaney


Photograph: Jonny Delaney

Thanks to Jonny for the ace photography – click on photos for epic bigness.

And ace audio (thanks Stephen) of an interview with me and a song recorded live at the 8th February Invaderband gig at Echo Echo for Other Voices.

‘The Greasy Apple’


From EndBoss: “Tune in tomorrow (Friday) to hear ‘THE GREASY APPLE’ on Resonance FM radio – a fantastical underground history of the Derry music scene from the brains behind EndBoss. Broadcasting on both 106.4 FM (across the airwaves of Derry) and 104.4 FM (across London). Starts @11am…”

I was asked to provide music for fictional Krautrock band THRAN within this original radio faux-documentary. THRAN can be heard at the very beginning, and there are more bits and bobs of mine (I mean, THRAN’s) throughout. If it sounds Krautish, it’s probably me (I mean THRAN).

If you missed the broadcast live, you can now catch up via the wonders of SoundCloud: