Redlip – Dan & Headless Bill (2008)

“Spoken word / electro oddities and acoustic daytrips from Adam Leonard and Pulco’s Ashley Cooke side-project, REDLIP”.


  1. Redlip Intro
  2. Viv
  3. Morning Star (listen here)
  4. Ascending Thing
  5. Jansch
  6. Chant
  7. Sid James
  8. Jaunty Mexico

I discovered Pulco (Ashley Cooke) via MySpace. MySpace is 99% awful, but every now and then you stumble onto someone who really deserves investigation and Pulco was one of those. We’ve become friends since and in terms of music, have a mutual appreciation. We do different things (he can record well for a start!), but there’s a spine of commonality running through our stuff, so collaborating was natural – I think the first thing we agreed on was that there was not enough talking in songs these days, so set out to rectify that by doing a few stories with musical backdrops.

This album is a playful mix of our two styles, and it was put together pretty quickly. A couple of these songs were played on the radio (BBC Radio 1 Wales, and BBC6 Music). I’d like to do some more stuff with Ash.

Label: Real Wood
Cat: RW024, released Sept 2008


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