LDC7 – FauxFoxx (2009)


01  The Implausible Man (Leonard)
02  Just For A Moment (Currie/Foxx)

For me & Gareth, 2009 was all about Ultravox! and John Foxx really, and this inspired challenge 7: To produce a John Foxx-style release each, consisting of an original in the style of (pre-Midge) Ultravox! or solo Foxx, and a cover. Gareth wrote a song called ‘Citadels’ which was like something off ‘Metamatic’, and I wrote ‘The Implausible Man’ which was more early Ultravox! circa ‘Ha! Ha! Ha!’.

‘The Implausible Man’ unexpectedly won the 2009 http://www.ultravox.org.uk song competition. You can listen to it here



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