Pulco – Dictaphone Home (2009)


  1. Toe Tapping Mutants
  2. Summer Story Ba Ba Ba
  3. We Trained Hard
  4. Dusty Poets
  5. Snoozy Jacuzzi
  6. A Rose by Any Other Name
  7. Hoola Hoop
  8. Raindeers in Sunlight
  9. Japanese
  10. Monkey Magic
  11. Mr Pipton
  12. Sad Songs
  13. Advocado
  14. Cape Corvette
  15. Apartment
  16. Myfi Sings
  17. Cities Cry
  18. Paper Penatas
  19. Beat Writing Breakdown
  20. Sulkin’ by the Mac
  21. Purchasing Brick

From Folkwit.com:

“A collection of spoken word pieces recorded on a cheap digital voice recorder at home and during stolen moments under the desk at work – most of it is set to music and found sound – experimental work from Pulco who on this occasion collaborates with Adam Leonard, Butcher’s Prime Cuts and Plumnugget to come up with this fascinating free to download collection which is a companion to the album Triceratops.

The core of the tracks is poetry/spoken word by Pulco with a few exceptions including the wonderful Billy D Horsey – a freeform tale by Ifan (Pulco’s son) recorded behind the garden shed.”

I did the music for ‘Dusty Poets’.

You can listen to the full thing here: http://www.folkwit.com/free.htm


1 Comment (+add yours?)

  1. Ash cooke
    Dec 11, 2010 @ 21:48:53

    Hey boy thanks for posting this. I’d not read it until now!!!

    Nice one.



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