RM competition

‘Nature Recordings’ is sold out, however my friends at Rif Mountain Records are running a competition to win a copy + an Alasdair Roberts test pressing.

From Steven @ RM:

Right, time for a new competition – to win a copy of Adam Leonard’s splendid new vinyl LP (which features yours truly on one track), plus a 7″ test pressing of the new Alasdair Roberts single (only 5 in existence) answer this:  Another of our favourite Leonard’s is Leonard Cohen – when talking about his dislike for touring in 1972, which tropical bird did Cohen say he felt like, being ‘chained to a mic stand night after night’?

You can enter by sending the answer to info@rifmountain.com

Happy New Year … and if you bought my album, many thanks.


Bursting out of nowhere

The new LP ‘Nature Recordings’ is out.

Vinyl only – 150 hand-numbered copies from The Great Pop Supplement (GPS63). Guest appearances by The Owl Service’s Steven Collins and P.G. Six. Artwork by Dom Martin. Contains ‘The Man Who Invented Himself’, ‘Lillian, I Love You’, ‘Dawn Rain / Grissom Aloft’, ‘The Archaeologist’ over side 1, and ‘The Eighth Tower’ (parts i-iv) over side 2.

It’s available for pre-order now from Rough Trade, Piccadilly Records, Norman Records, Heyday Mail-order, Rhythm Online, Boa Melody Bar, Phonica Records, Tormentosa and others – or direct from me. Email adamleonard@hotmail.com if you want one – they’re a tenner each (BUY).

Adam Leonard: Thoughts Upon Application

In a future rock and roll hall of anonymity, he will be a byword for quiet and tidy exploration … striding across the symbolic alien conifers – myopically planted by an eco-quango to reduce creative erosion and soften the artistic landscape – of nu-folk, modern acoustica, progressive electronics, post punk prose and popular sonics. He does not “take in” his surroundings, nor feel compelled to compose poetry and assemble music by some unseen elemental urge – his approach is experimental, inquisitive, probing. He is a social vivisectionist at the height of his powers. Fair play.

These works are the latest batch of results from an ongoing examination into the human psyche; into ‘the soul’, if that’s what gets you through the night, honey. But cast your dream-catchers and crystal healing methodology manuals aside; the imaginary emporium of Adam Leonard’s mind is more of an industrial trade counter than a new age boutique. You can queue up and pass your scribbled note of the heart’s desires to the vendor, dressed in Arkwrightian brown overalls, who will scurry off into a labyrinthine maze of dump bins and steel shelving for your dreams and fantasies. Inevitably something will be out of stock, but never fear – come back next week and A B Leonard and Co will have it in. On the counter are some thoughts on death, marked up at £3.99 with a florescent star. Impulse emotion vending. Do you want a VAT receipt for that, mate?

For Adam I have prepared the following poem:

Under the clock – the AC clock –
to the left of the bins;
Across from the charity collector and the instant salvation,
but opposite the gents – quite clean for a gents –
and next to the scales,
beside the bucket of Grade II listed rainwater …
I am temporarily alone in good company.

I hope that you enjoy this record as much as I enjoyed being edited out of it.

Gareth Davies.

Echoes From The Mountain

* Echoes From the Mountain sees the Rif Mountain collective paying homage to legendary folk label Village Thing.

* Village Thing was self-dubbed ‘the alternative folk label’ way back when it began in 1970, and although it lasted only 4 years (and 20-odd releases) the music they released continues to be revered today with key albums being reissued by the likes of Light in the Attic and Sunbeam.

* The Rif Mountain artists all cite various VT albums as having a major influence on their music, particularly the work of Dave Evans, Wizz Jones and Sun Also Rises, all of whom are re-interpreted on this collection. This 15 track album features Rif Mountain mainstays The Owl Service, Jason Steel and the Straw Bear Band, plus special guests Jane Weaver, Starless & Bible Black, Stephen Cracknell (The Memory Band/Gorodisch), The A Lords & Mark Fry, Lemez Duo feat. Ben Mandelson, Pamela Wyn Shannon, Adam Leonard, Katie Rose and Corncrow. It also includes new recordings from original Village Thing artists Wizz Jones and Steve Tilston. All tracks are exclusive to this release.


Ghosts From The Basement event

I’m playing at this in the afternoon, hopefully helped out by Gareth Davies (elec. guitar) and Steven Collins (bass).

Saturday 25th September, at Cecil Sharp House, London.

Weekend Beatnik, Rif Mountain & the EFDSS present:

Ghosts from the Basement

A 40th anniversary celebration of Village Thing and the lost songs, dreams and folkadelia of the early 1970s

Concerts • Sessions • Author Slam!

Among the artists who will be appearing: From Village Thing’s basement: Wizz Jones (and Pete Berryman), Steve Tilston, Tucker Zimmerman, Ian A. Anderson, Dave Evans, Ian Hunt, Maggie Holland, Keith Christmas and Keith Warmington.

From up yonder Rif Mountain and beyond: Nancy Wallace, Jason Steel, The Owl Service, The Straw Bear Band, Pamela Wyn Shannon, Adam Leonard, Ellen Mary McGee, The A. Lords with Mark Fry and more special guests t.b.c.

In the literature lounge: Rob Young (Electric Eden), Jeanette Leech (Seasons They Change), Mark Jones (Bristol Folk), Will Hodgkinson (The Ballad Of Britain), Richard Morton Jack (Galactic Ramble) and Colin Irwin (In Search Of Albion) will perhaps illuminate the answer to that troubling philosophical question “what the f*** is psych folk anyway?”

All day ticket £20 (£25 on door)

Evening only ticket £15 (£20 on door)

Doors: 2.00pm, Ends: 11.00pm

Tickets: http://folkshop.efdss.org/Tickets/Ticket%2C+Ghosts+From+the+Basement%2C+Full+Day+25.09.10.html