The ‘Entkommen’ single (2018) can be found on Discogs


“Split into two equally otherworldly parts, “Entkommen” is a meditative Berlin-School composition built around spacey, elongated modular pulses, fuzzy 1970s synthesizer chords, sci-fi effects and languid, rippling organ melodies that slowly rise and fall throughout. It’s undeniably “kosmiche” in nature, recalling in parts very early Tangerine Dream, Dieter Moebius and Conrad Schnitzler. It’s drowsy, alien and hugely atmospheric, suggesting that Adam Leonard is not only a student of those landmark German artists, but also a very capable musician” – JUNO


The Invaderband LP (2017) can be purchased via Bandcamp. The CDs have sold out but you can get a download too there.



The 8 Octopus albums (2014-2015) and a few other bits and bobs can be purchased HERE.


‘Nature Recordings’ (CD version, 2012) is available from Amazon


‘Nature Recordings’ (LP version) is available from Discogs

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If you’re feeling flush, you can get a full digital discography from bandcamp for £40. If you do that, I’ll be your friend forever.


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