The Owl Service – The View From A Hill (2010)

The Pattern Beneath The Plough Pt.2: The View From A Hill


01           Polly On The Shore
02           The Banks Of The Nile
03           Ladies, Don’t Go A-Thieving
04           I Was A Young Man
05           Sorry The Day I Was Married
06           Willie O’Winsbury
07           In Thorneymoor Woods Pt.1
08           The Bold Poachers
09           In Thorneymoor Woods Pt.2
10           The Lover’s Ghost
11           The Ladies Go Dancing At Whitsun
12           Willie O’Winsbury (Reprise)
13           The Loyal Lover
14           Within Sound
15           Cruel Mother

Another MySpace discovery: The Owl Service. I bought all their early handmade releases and became friends with Steven Collins, swapping CDrs and stuff. He was always complimentary about my music and songs and I was always in awe of his musicianship, recording & arrangement skills and general enthusiasm and positivity. I think MOJO were spot on when they said he was “reminiscent of high-period Ashley Hutchings”. Anyway, in 2008 he offered to produce a song for me, so I sent him a rough version of ‘Lillian, I Love You’. He worked his magic and sent me a load of WAV files back for me to mix and add vocals to. The result will be on my next album. So I owed him! In 2009 he asked if I would sing on some of the new Owl Service material, so of course I did. He sent me early versions of some of the songs above and I recorded the vocals, and sent them back. This is such a rich sounding album, and I’m delighted to have played a small part in it.

I sing on 5 tracks, most notably ‘Willie O’Winsbury’ and ‘Within Sound’.

Label: Rif Mountain
Cat: RM-004CD, released June 2010.

You can get the album from the Rif Mountain shop here:


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