LDC8 – Solway/Sightings (2010)


01 Solway
02 Sightings

Challenge 8 took a turn into Fortean Times territory. ‘Solway’ is about the famous Solway Spaceman case & photograph and ‘Sightings’ is about eloping with transexual UFO author Jenny Randles. Run of the mill stuff, I know, and probably not worth sending to Simon Cowell.

Musically, this was done under heavy Human League MK1 influence, and as it sounds so different to my ‘normal’ stuff I credited it to ‘A Farewell To Hexes’. Gareth replied with ‘Randles’ (which will be on his forthcoming Invaderband! album) backed with ‘Rendlesham’, about the Rendlesham Forest incident in Suffolk in 1980.

Here’s a video for ‘Sightings’. Martyn Ware (founder of the original Human League) approves.


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