V/A It Happened On A Day (2007)


01 Peanuts – Tunng
02 Them There Eyes – Woodcraft Folk
03 Bialowieza – The Laughing Windows
04 What’s Behind The Door –  Shady Bard
05 The Eighth Tower pt. 2 –  Adam Leonard and P.G. Six


‘The Eighth Tower pt. 2’ is the first fruits of collaboration with New York drone authority Pat Gubler, who incidentally for an American, plays acoustic guitar at the standard of the original Les Cousins set – something very few, if any young, British guitarists can do today.

I think I hit a seam with this track. The full thing (4 parts) will be on the ‘Nature Recordings’ LP due 2010.

Oh, and the Great Pop Supplement are a fantastic label, and I’m honoured to have had this put out by them.

{insert VPRO}


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