New film: Live @ Cecil Sharp House, London.

Cecil Sharp House, North London.

Cecil Sharp House, North London.

In September 2010 myself and my best friend Gareth Davies took a trip to London to play at the ‘Ghosts From The Basement’ all-day event organised by Weekend Beatnik, Rif Mountain & The English Folk Dance and Song Society. This was a celebration of cult folk record label The Village Thing which was founded in 1970, 40 years previously. Artists I am a big fan of were playing, for example Wizz Jones, Dave Evans and Mark Fry, so I was delighted to be able to do this.

Apparently these films have been online for about a year, but I have only just found out about them thanks to Steven Collins of The Owl Service.

So, here’s me with Gareth and Steven playing Lillian, I Love You:

And I sing on the second song here (Willy O’Winsbury), with my buddies The Owl Service. I appear like the shopkeeper in Mr Benn at 5:17.

There must be more film out there (all the songs I did were filmed) but this is all I can see so far.


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