A Broadcast To The Trees

Murray's Monument, New Galloway, Scotland. Photo courtesy of the BBC.

Murray’s Monument, New Galloway, Scotland. Photo courtesy of the BBC.

“If a 24-hour radio broadcast happens in a Scottish forest and no-one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”
Wired Magazine.

“In a world where everything is available on-line, information flows instantly, where you can see live footage from someone’s phone on-line from half the world away I thought why not have something that physically demands that you be there?  The Galloway Forest is a welcome step backwards for technology. It’s a very dark place at night, which is why it was awarded Dark Sky Park status. A place where just G might appear on your mobile phone if you find the right place. This isn’t a smart-phone friendly part of the world. Add to that FM Radio, which works on line-of-sight from the transmitter and you have a place you have to physically get to before you can listen in. If you want to hear it, you’re going to have to come and find us. There will be no repeats, the files will be deleted after they are played”.
The Dark Outside blog.

dark outside logo

I’m extremely pleased to be a part of the THE DARK OUTSIDE 24-hour FM broadcast taking place at Murray’s Monument in The Galloway Forest on Saturday August 31, 12pm – Sunday September 1, 12pm.

As per the stipulation that the music broadcast hasn’t been heard before, the song being played is one which was left off the ‘Nature Recordings’ album. Other confirmed contributors so far include Mogwai, Eccentronic Research Council, Factory Floor and the wonderful Scarfolk Council.

This is an honour.


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