Sod Off!


I’m not sure anyone is reading this anymore, but just in case, I’ve finished recording a catchy little number for the 6th Dark Outside. I’m not joking, it’s pretty whistlable. There’s more info on this year’s event here, innit:


My track is called ‘Sod Off!’ and I’ll stick it on Soundcloud or somewhere once it’s been transmitted from Epping Forest on the 2019 Summer Solstice (20th/21st June).


In other ‘news’ the next Invaderband album is completely written and I’m curently saving up for studio time to get it recorded, as well as rehearsing the tracks with the band for future shows. Any wealthy benefactors, or studio owners offering a ridiculously good deal, please get in touch! is the best place to be kept upto date about this.

invaderband website

Bye for now! Say hello in comments if you exist. I might be talking to myself… again.


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