On The Night The Creature Came Ashore

Octopus Part 4 is out now. FREE download for 1 month from

“Back as promised with Adam Leonard, now midway through or thereabouts with the Octopus project which all things being well will see over the course of the next 8 months, 8 release and featuring 8 tracks all released on the 8th. The tracks feature an assortment of covers, live cuts (as with Fahey pastorally love note ‘my life’ featured here and culled from a rare CD-r set ‘to give up you have to bloody start’, rare audio from long since out of print stock and some rare unreleased gems prized from the Leonard archive. ‘Octopus part 4’ is the November selection which includes as its parting shot a sublime cover of Ultravox (mark 1)’s ‘just for a moment’ which we mentioned with much fondness elsewhere this missive. Taken from the ‘lucky seven’ soundtrack and to date previously unreleased ‘there is also tomorrow’ opens proceedings on this chapter, a sweet but teasingly brief glacial overture snow globed in a stately and stilled porcelain panoramic aspect. Staying with soundtracks – very loosely – dug out from that golden year of 2003 and prized from his ‘how music sounds’ set – ‘music for a slow motion film’ is adorned in the feint speckling of soft psych shimmers and ghostly arabesque swirls to craft out something that sounds not unlike a withdrawn and wounded Porcupine Tree happened upon in a late night studio rehearsal by Will Sergeant. In truth the best here and touched – one suspects – by Bowie / Eno’s immortal ‘Low’ there’s a chilling frostiness attaching to the previously unreleased ‘germans visit Frederic’ whose hollowing and edgy Mancini like sonic choreography had us much in mind of Gnac had he of course happened upon Bronnt in a dark shadow entry.  Elsewhere ‘the ballad of Brian Aldiss’ wheezes, yawns and weirds to a fracturing Barrett-esque mindset that pays nods aplenty to both Hitchcock and Orridge. Hitchcock as in Robyn is readily recalled again on the curiously saloon bar soiree that is the mellowing ‘taking time’ while ‘the twinkling of an eye’ – again pulled that aforementioned ‘how music sounds’ set is ghosted in a becoming atmospheric velour that recalls the quite perfect Grails. Essential then”.

Mark Barton, The Sunday Experience / God is in the TV / former editor of the legendary ‘Losing Today’.


Going Underground

The ‘Songs For Abandoned Tube Stations’ postcards

We’re getting close with this now. I have received and numbered 90 postcards (above), the music is being mastered and then dubbed onto cassette. We’re aiming for a late September release, but it may creep into early October. Each package will contain a 3-track C30 magnetic tape (plays same both sides), 3 hand-numbered full colour custom RELYCS postcards (A, B & C), a credit sheet, and a digital download of the music. I think the price will be £5 (+ postage), but total costs have not been calculated yet, so I can’t say for sure. What I can say is that this will be a treat for both the eyes and ears.

30 copies only. Yep, 30.

If you’d like to reserve one, let me know via adamleonard@hotmail.com


The Spectre


Here’s a really beautiful video for Pulco’s ‘The Spectre’ by Japanese artist and illustrator Hideyuki Katsumata. The intro to this track features a garage door solo by yours truly.

“The Spectre” is one of those songs which leaves you feeling completely satisfied, yet robbed. You want it to go on for at least another measure, and then another. If Donovan, Robyn Hitchcock, Lloyd Cole, Pulco, Syd Barrett, and Colin Newman had a love child, it would be named “The Spectre” – thebomberjacket.com

Pulco album out today!

“I am an artist, a musician and poet … but ultimately this will be my undoing”.

‘The Man Of Lists’ (Folkwit, F0079) is out today. I’m so pleased to be involved in this – it’s a lovely, warm and human album, with many fine contributing musicians. I provided the music for 3 of the tracks, and cut up Ash’s spoken words to fit over them. You can listen to an example – ‘Oxbow Lake’ – here.

It’s available on ltd. edition CD with poetry booklet via selected record shops, and as a digital download from bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes etc.

The reviews are coming in:

“This is Cooke’s masterpiece. He’s spent his post-Derrero years making music in Wales, usually by himself. He’s perfected the art of lo-fi indie and the results are always warm and human and charming. Now, he’s taken that form to the next level”.
-A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed

“Pulco’s new LP, Man of lists, comprises upbeat cheerful electro-acoustic melodies and beautiful, urban spoken word poetry … Lovely”.
-The Miniature Music Press

“Ash Cooke is an artist we should all be very glad exists. The sheer amount of music he puts out turns over every stone of his creative process. It gives you a distinct and unique picture of a distinct and unique musician”.
-North Wales Daily Post

“Once again Pulco has delivered an album that music lovers will instantly embrace and treasure. It is a shame John Peel is no longer with us to give this album the national airplay it deservers”.
-A Musical Priority

For further reading on the colourful and inventive musical world of Ashley Cooke, visit pulcomusic.com

The Man Of Lists

June will see the release of the brand new and genuinely wonderful PULCO album, ‘The Man Of Lists’ (Folkwit). For this album Ash Cooke enlisted a number of friends to record music as backdrops to his spoken word stories and poetry, and I’m honoured to be one of them. The result is exciting, eclectic, colourful, silly, poignant, elated, smart, grumbling, inventive, sinister, sunny, real and most of all fun. Ash says:

“I’m a firm believer in lists! I can make a list for any occasion. Lists help me organise the mundane and boring bits of my life so that I can clear my mind for better things. In a more colourful and creative way I also love writing lyrics and poems to document and categorise my day to day journey through the ordinary. Played back however, such writing can reveal lot about a person and really give you an insight in to how we tick as people.  It can also be interesting to listen to. From time to time I feel the need to bring all of this written material together, mix it with sound and call it ‘Pulco’!  This is exactly what we’ve done with ‘The Man Of Lists’

In the spirit of collaboration I thought that it would be an interesting exercise to build on the theme that I started with the Dictaphone Home album by inviting more of my musical pals to create tunes for the 25 poems on offer rather than contributing any of  the music myself.

The word went out in Sept ’11 and by the end of the year the album was pretty much in the bag. I love the variety and texture of the music on the album. It all holds together really well whist still sounding like a Pulco record. For that I thank all involved…”

…and those involved are The Unexpected Bowtie, Picturebox, Ratatosk, Butchers Prime Cuts,  Gwildor, Snippet, Ian Thistlethwaite & Dan Carlson (and me).

I recorded the music for 3 tracks, and also provided the ZX Spectrum-inspired cover.

Release date : 18 June 2012
Label : Folkwit Records (cat: F0079)
Distribution : Proper Distribution

For more information and a sneak preview, visit The Man Of Lists page at pulcomusic.com