A bright red seventeen


The Invaderband album is now out at the start of 2017. Blame me for not realising how long vinyl takes to press. However people who ordered the vinyl will still get the album on the original release date of 25th November, albeit on a CD (pictured) instead. The vinyl will then follow around Christmas time.

The street date for the album is now 6th Jan 2017.


Pulco album out today!

“I am an artist, a musician and poet … but ultimately this will be my undoing”.

‘The Man Of Lists’ (Folkwit, F0079) is out today. I’m so pleased to be involved in this – it’s a lovely, warm and human album, with many fine contributing musicians. I provided the music for 3 of the tracks, and cut up Ash’s spoken words to fit over them. You can listen to an example – ‘Oxbow Lake’ – here.

It’s available on ltd. edition CD with poetry booklet via selected record shops, and as a digital download from bandcamp, Amazon, iTunes etc.

The reviews are coming in:

“This is Cooke’s masterpiece. He’s spent his post-Derrero years making music in Wales, usually by himself. He’s perfected the art of lo-fi indie and the results are always warm and human and charming. Now, he’s taken that form to the next level”.
-A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed

“Pulco’s new LP, Man of lists, comprises upbeat cheerful electro-acoustic melodies and beautiful, urban spoken word poetry … Lovely”.
-The Miniature Music Press

“Ash Cooke is an artist we should all be very glad exists. The sheer amount of music he puts out turns over every stone of his creative process. It gives you a distinct and unique picture of a distinct and unique musician”.
-North Wales Daily Post

“Once again Pulco has delivered an album that music lovers will instantly embrace and treasure. It is a shame John Peel is no longer with us to give this album the national airplay it deservers”.
-A Musical Priority

For further reading on the colourful and inventive musical world of Ashley Cooke, visit pulcomusic.com