Rollin’ high and mighty traps

‘The Greasy Apple’


From EndBoss: “Tune in tomorrow (Friday) to hear ‘THE GREASY APPLE’ on Resonance FM radio – a fantastical underground history of the Derry music scene from the brains behind EndBoss. Broadcasting on both 106.4 FM (across the airwaves of Derry) and 104.4 FM (across London). Starts @11am…”

I was asked to provide music for fictional Krautrock band THRAN within this original radio faux-documentary. THRAN can be heard at the very beginning, and there are more bits and bobs of mine (I mean, THRAN’s) throughout. If it sounds Krautish, it’s probably me (I mean THRAN).

If you missed the broadcast live, you can now catch up via the wonders of SoundCloud:


They’ll stone you when you’re playing your guitar

Opening for Nick Harper at Sandinos, Derry, 2/10/2013

Attack Of The Pod People
Nurse Trapped Inside A Patient’s Body
About Much Else
The Eighth Tower pt. 4
Beware The Catman!
Spirit Photography
The Carrion Herd
My Love

Where your Central flower blooms

Invaderband live @ The Grand Central, Derry, 25/04/13.

From left to right: Chris, me, Rion, Gavin


There are quite a few videos of the night up on YouTube, but here’s ‘Tree Erection’ which is one of the songs on the forthcoming Poseidon Adventure Re-soundtrack project:

The set list, stolen, as was my red plectrum – main suspect being an unnamed member (Fergal Corscadden) of The Gatefolds, who also played on the night.

Thanks so much to everybody who came. I was surprised by the numbers there to be honest, and we even had Derry Punk Royalty (is that an oxymoron?) in the audience in the form of Undertones bassist and gentleman Michael Bradley, who later tweeted about it. Chuffed!