The Man Of Lists

June will see the release of the brand new and genuinely wonderful PULCO album, ‘The Man Of Lists’ (Folkwit). For this album Ash Cooke enlisted a number of friends to record music as backdrops to his spoken word stories and poetry, and I’m honoured to be one of them. The result is exciting, eclectic, colourful, silly, poignant, elated, smart, grumbling, inventive, sinister, sunny, real and most of all fun. Ash says:

“I’m a firm believer in lists! I can make a list for any occasion. Lists help me organise the mundane and boring bits of my life so that I can clear my mind for better things. In a more colourful and creative way I also love writing lyrics and poems to document and categorise my day to day journey through the ordinary. Played back however, such writing can reveal lot about a person and really give you an insight in to how we tick as people.  It can also be interesting to listen to. From time to time I feel the need to bring all of this written material together, mix it with sound and call it ‘Pulco’!  This is exactly what we’ve done with ‘The Man Of Lists’

In the spirit of collaboration I thought that it would be an interesting exercise to build on the theme that I started with the Dictaphone Home album by inviting more of my musical pals to create tunes for the 25 poems on offer rather than contributing any of  the music myself.

The word went out in Sept ’11 and by the end of the year the album was pretty much in the bag. I love the variety and texture of the music on the album. It all holds together really well whist still sounding like a Pulco record. For that I thank all involved…”

…and those involved are The Unexpected Bowtie, Picturebox, Ratatosk, Butchers Prime Cuts,  Gwildor, Snippet, Ian Thistlethwaite & Dan Carlson (and me).

I recorded the music for 3 tracks, and also provided the ZX Spectrum-inspired cover.

Release date : 18 June 2012
Label : Folkwit Records (cat: F0079)
Distribution : Proper Distribution

For more information and a sneak preview, visit The Man Of Lists page at