Seasonal Deluxe editions of Nature Recordings

*** SOLD OUT ***

In November I got 5 copies of the Nature Recordings boxed CD from Nigel at Northwestern to hopefully sell at the gig I was doing. I ended up giving one away, and obtaining a nice round number of buyers for the other 4 copies, i.e. zero.

So I have 4 copies which I have decided to personalise. These are editions of ONE, which – and let’s not argue about it – is pretty limited.

Each one of the Winter, Spring, Summer & Autumn Deluxe editions will give you:

1. The Standard edition contents (i.e. CD, 4 ‘Tower’ inserts, Hydrangea petals, letterpressed hand-numbered insert by Phil McMullen).


2. An exclusive bonus CDr or download code for 3 acoustic guitar/vocal versions of Nature Recordings songs. These are not yet recorded, and will not be made available anywhere else, ever.
3. A badge.
4. A new, original hand-written seasonal poem.

All in a numbered customised box for your chosen season.

Nature Recordings Deluxe edition

Nature Recordings Deluxe edition

Price: £12 per box.

To reserve one please email me on, specifying:

  • Your chosen season.
  • Whether you want the bonus tracks on CDr or via download code.
  • Your location.

I will then reply with a total cost including postage.

Happy new year.



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