News, Reviews and Interview

A few bits and bobs:

Firstly, the album will be in shops on Monday 20th August 2012. It will also be available to order from the big name online retailers (Amazon, etc), but if you’re buying online please go direct to in the first instance.


Secondly, reviews are appearing – and all good so far! Here’s a selection:

“An incredibly well-crafted, cohesive release which deftly displays Adam’s particular gift for blending traditional psychedelic-rock and psychedelic-folk elements whilst also maintaining a thoroughly ‘modern’ aesthetic to his work” – Folk Radio UK

“If you don’t have this in your collection you are missing something that’s simultaneously exceptional, intriguing and ground breaking”Folk Words.

“Very good and accomplished” (5 stars) – Norman Records

“Nature Recordings manages to recall the glories of a British folk rock past whilst sounding wonderfully unique and fresh”A Pessimist Is Never Disappointed

“The image of the tower on the cover reminds me of the ruined and overgrown windmills visible when navigating the Norfolk Broads. It’s a resonant image that captures something about Adam Leonard’s haunted music. If you’re a fan of the work of Tyneham House or The Hardy Tree, then do give this a listen”Hard Format

“A sonic representation of a defiantly regional landscape”FATEA

“Arresting folk … I’ve missed Leonard’s earlier work and that’s something I’ll be rectifying pronto”Americana UK

“… and amazing stuff this is too, where the experimentation keeps you on the edge of the seat and well away from any borders with boredom – beyond this eclecticism, are some astute songs and distinctly thoughtful melodies that still remain faithful to some quite folkish roots”Manchester Music

And finally, the brilliant Folk Radio UK website asked for an interview and here it is.

Whilst you’re over there, have a read of the fascinating interview with one of my heroes, Steve Ashley, who was kind enough to name-check me as an artist who has been influenced by him. Steve’s music can be heard on the Steve Ashley MySpace page.

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