Second Language Podcast


I don’t want to say too much about this, or who is involved (to quote one of its creators, “anonymity is the order of the day”), but Second Language and Clay Pipe Music recently released the wonderful ‘Tyneham House’, a Children’s Film Foundation inspired soundtrack of pastoral, wistful yet ineffably disquieting music.

Photo courtesy of Clay Pipe Music

There is a podcast to promote it, and I might be on it.

“Second Language present a podcast to accompany the beguiling agrarian enigma that is Tyneham House. Interleaved with field recordings and typically bucolic extracts of music from the album, a handful of artist friends of the reclusive Tyneham House creators reminisce evocatively about growing up in small rural towns and villages. Out of the rustling, sun-dappled atmosphere, a theme slowly emerges: the Proustian mystery of lost time and place and how the free spirit and wonderment of childhood grapples with the beauty and oppression of the countryside…”

The podcast (No. 13) can be downloaded from here.

For some background information, there is an interesting article on Tyneham (“Village Of The Damned”) from Fortean Times Magazine here.


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