Roy Harper feature in MOJO

This is nothing to do with my music, but I’m chuffed nonetheless to report that MOJO Magazine have printed a quote from some words I sent them on my favourite Roy Harper album ‘Flat Baroque and Berserk’.

This is in the March 2012 issue, which I’ve just got hold of today. Here’s the full thing I submitted:

“Recorded in the autumn of 1969 and released the following January on EMI’s Harvest imprint, ‘Flat Baroque and Berserk’ has always been my favourite Roy Harper LP. On the brink of the epics of his regularly-referenced 1971 magnum opus ‘Stormcock’, ‘Flat Baroque and Berserk’ is an intriguingly beautiful snapshot of a man in mid-air. This album documents Roy’s progression from 1960s idealism into 1970s complex focus, from his 20s into his 30s, from humble studios and production to Abbey Road, and into a consolidated level of songwriting only hinted at on his previous 3 albums.

I loved you a long time ago, y’know…”

I don’t think I’ve been this excited since I won a signed Gary Numan LP from SMASH HITS in 1981. It was ‘Dance’ if you must know…


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