Echoes In Rows

This is a new project I’m involved in with analogue synth genius David Ansara. We’ve called ourselves ‘Echoes In Rows’ after a line from the John Foxx song ‘Underpass’, because Foxx is the primary influence on what we are doing. Hopefully an album will come of this, but the first fruits of the project is the song ‘Brian Aldiss’.

Music critic Everett True (NME, Melody Maker, Plan B) had this to say:

“It’s pure, fully rounded-out, delightfully and un-regretfully, late 70s retro electronica (OMD, Gary Numan). Or, as Adam himself puts it, “2 males, one with a moustache and one with eyeliner. The Sparks template”. The song is called ‘Brian Aldiss’, after the sci-fi writer – and it’s very of its times. The late 70s. I hope I made that clear already. Most excellent stuff if totally retro.”

It can be heard here: Brian Aliss


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